T&J Produce

n 2016 Joel and Tom decided they would purchase a beehive for a bit of fun and to learn some new skills. Not thinking much of it the hive came and they decided to start T&J Produce. Their first hive didn't last long and by 2016 a diseased wiped out the 60,000 bees which they cared for. A year went by and they decided they would try again however they didn't have money and still needed to learn a lot especially about diseases to make sure this didn't happen again. They came up with the idea of starting a kickstarted page to crowd fund $1,500 to get them started. In 3 months they reached their goal and purchased their hive and started our journey once again.


They have had that hive since and it still continues to remain healthy and produces a lot of the honey which ends up in our jars. Then in 2018 they decided we would grow their business and get a second hive. Both of these hives have produced 100's of kilograms of honey and have also helped pollinate plants in the Chandler area. This year has been the best season they have had thanks to the end of the drought in our area and growing their colonies to now owning and operating 10 hives. They have big plans for this year and have already begun planning and preparing for where they would like to see T&J in the near future.